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Real. Fresh. Food.
Fresh Foods. Natural Ingredients. Real meats.
Chefs in Chef Coats and a culinary driven kitchen.
Less food in freezer and more in the walk in.
We are going to batch cook and replenish as needed.

A Fresh Approach.

HMG Culinary is committed to providing high school students and faculty with real, fresh, great tasting food. We believe every aspect of the high school experience needs to be the best it can be...our children and our school deserve it, and we are committed to making it happen.
Our goal is to offer the best, freshest, healthiest foods possible. Less processed but still delicious, high-quality, nutritious meals, using whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables and meats.

Nothing compares to a healthy house-made meal. Our chef is constantly working to improve not only the quality but the taste of every dish we serve.

Good nutrition and good taste are the key elements in our program to help achieve healthy eating habits for a lifetime.

We believe that the training in proper diet and food choices should begin early in life. It than becomes a normal way of living instead of a sacrifice. Good, healthy food does not have to taste bad or seem in any way unpleasant. The use of fresh vegetables, herbs, fruit and meats only enhance the final product.
fresh foods
natural ingredients
real meats
culinary kitchen